Do you know a lot of people who have gone to a wedding recently, or did you go to a wedding recently?  Well, that's probably because the biggest wedding day of the year just passed by!

Jupiter Images/TSM
Jupiter Images/TSM

There's a report from that found June 14th to be the most popular day to get married this year!

If you recently got married, or if you're planning a wedding, you know that one of the most stressful things about planning it, is choosing the right date.

There's just so many things to consider! You have to think about when you can take off work, what would be best for your guests and then you have to see if you can get the venue you want!

Saturday, June 14th was the magic date this year with 26,000 couples tying the knot. This year, the weather on the 14th was perfect- a bright sunny day, but not too hot!

Last year, it was October 12th which saw 24,100 couples getting married!

Although summer is definitely the most popular season to get married, November and December are also popular months!

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