Halloween is falling on a Friday this year and that is definitely going to mean plenty of parties. So if you're throwing festivities at your place you're going to need the right playlist.

Here's some songs that can help!

  • 1


    Michael Jackson's massive hit was never released to be a Halloween track. It actually first debuted after the scary season had passed in 1983. But with the zombie video and evil Vincent Price laugh it soon became a Halloween playlist staple. And if you've got the Thriller dance down, break that out at the party too!

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    Rihanna's got so many great dance songs, but Disturbia is the one you'll want to add to your Halloween playlist. With it's dark lyrics and driving beats everyone will be moving to this one.

  • 3

    Beautiful Monster

    Ne-Yo's 2010 track from his album Libra Scale may not have been his biggest hit in the US, but it can be a huge hit at your Halloween get together. Another great dance song with a monster theme it can set the mood while making guests move.

  • 4

    A Nightmare On My Street

    If you're going old school at your Halloween party this year, this track has to be on the list! DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince dropped this one in the summer of 1988 and it actually almost made it into a the fourth film in the Freddy Krueger franchise. In the end the studio ended up suing the rapper and DJ and prevented them from making an official music video for the song.

  • 5

    The Monster

    Rihanna's haunting voice is making the list twice. Perhaps the most recent hit perfect for a Halloween party is The Monster. Eminem and Rihanna's track is sure to get everyone singing along this spooky season.