For anyone who has experienced the COVID-19 test, it’s safe to say that the experience is far from enjoyable. However, I discovered a situation far less enjoyable than the test itself: having to take it a second time because the results came back “inconclusive.”

I got my test the day before Thanksgiving and was told to wait a few days before checking the official website for the results. Four days went by and I had not heard anything, so I gave the Rhode Island hotline a call.

I was told that a specialist would call me back within the hour, and in about 20 minutes, I received a phone call from a nervous-sounding gentleman.

He stated that he could see the reports of my previous tests and my latest test was there as well.

I found it odd that he didn’t lead with “you are negative,” so my nerves set in.

“I am sorry to say,” the gentleman said, “but your test came back inconclusive. I have never seen this before.”

What does that even mean? Should I be worried?

As if the gentleman could read my thoughts, he said, “I assume this means they were unable to properly test your swab, and I’m afraid you will have to come back for another test. This does not confirm you are positive, but I cannot rightfully say you are negative, either.”

Leave it up to me to be the first “inconclusive” test for the state of Rhode Island.

I got my nose violated once more today, and hopefully, I’ll get a better answer this time around.

Has this happened to you or anyone you know?

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