It's funny how a couple of beers can turn into an online shopping spree.

I know I'm not the only one, we've all been there.

A few too many glasses of wine, Double IPA pints or perhaps a few whiskeys could result in an impulse buy on Amazon or perhaps

Let me take you back to last week when I received a mysterious package in the mail that was about four feet long and as wide as a phone book. It was made out to me and I can't even begin to tell you the level of confusion I had.

Tim Weisberg/ Townsquare Media

As I opened up the box, I pulled out a long aluminum bar with handles and elastic bands attached to it. It highly resembled the chest push-up machine I once saw in an online advertisement on Facebook.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

That's because it was the same product the social media platform was trying to persuade me to buy.

"When the heck did I order this?" I said with a puzzled expression.

Apparently, one night after a few too many with some friends out at the bars, I had ordered this Iron Chest Master push-up machine. Its appeal was enticing, as they had a jacked shirtless guy performing pushups, muscles protruding from every inch of his upper-body.

I can only my thoughts were something along the lines of "Damn, I bet that I could look like that if I buy this machine," and the rest was history.

With the initial thought of another product wasting my money, I was convinced I would have had to return it somehow or at least try and sell it. What happened next blew my mind – the machine actually worked and was highly effective. Who knew?

It's safe to say that I got lucky with this late-night purchase after a few too many beers and definitely learned my lesson. Perhaps I should hide my bank card next time before I end up splurging again.


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