If you haven't heard yet, Fairhaven will be dominated by Stop and Shop as Shaws will be closing it's doors in this town.We here at Fun 107 felt it was our duty to brainstorm some ideas for the future and figure out what should take the place of Shaws. Fairhaven is lacking in a few different departments. After careful negotiations and different thoughts being thrown around, we've come up with a few ideas we'd like you to vote on!

1. Fun 107 moves our offices over there on the second floor and on the first floor we will set up new studios, new concert venue and nightclub! Fairhaven needs a good upscale night spot! Call it "The Fun House"! We'll call up John Tapper from Bar Rescue and get him on board.

2. A new high definition movie theater with 3D! And the most comfortable Lazy-Boy recliners

3. A new micro-brewery brewing local ale and other spirits! With a great restaurant to go with!

4. Michael Rock realizes a life long dream of his and opens his own cornbread factory! Complete with windows, so you can watch the people grind the Fairhaven grown corn into oblivion and they make corn bread all day every day!! Michael will broadcast live from there every day!

5. A New Roller Rink! A real one!  Long overdue Winter things to do in this area!  Scott Reiniche could DJ for you just like at hot wheels!