As I was pumping gas for the third time this week, I got to thinking, what is my gas pumping technique? Do I just fill it up? Do I have to land on an exact amount? Which, as you know, is a game in itself. Or am I more of a gallons type of gas pumper?

Regardless of what I am, it really made me wonder: what is the most common gas pumping technique? More importantly, which is better for your car?

We have all had those times where we can only throw five bucks in, so let's exclude those times. When you head to the gas station, which pumper are you?

Unfortunately, we don't live in New Jersey where they only have people pumping gas for you. Although, is their still that place in South Dartmouth? I use to go out of my way to get my gas pumped there. Then I wouldn't have to worry about my technique. It's either "fill her up" or "give me $20 regular."

Since you will be visiting the gas station a bit more over the summer, pay attention to your gas pumping technique. I'm curious to see what most of you do.

For those of you wondering, I'm usually an even-dollar number kind of guy.

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