After a night out, or maybe just after a drink or two, you have that feeling the next day. The upset stomach, headache, and you just want to stay in bed. Well, a new study finds that the best cure for a hangover might be in your refrigerator already.


According to Time Magazine, scientists say that Sprite is the ultimate hangover cure. A team of Chinese scientists tested numerous beverages, and found that the lemon-lime soda worked against hangover symptoms. In other words, obey your thirst.

The team tested other drinks like teas, but those actually increased the chemical reaction a hangover causes in your body.  While the others failed, Sprite can break down acetaldehyde, a metabolite found in ethanol. Ethanol is what is in our alcoholic beverages.

So instead of going for that herbal tea, or black coffee, maybe reach for the Sprite this weekend.