So I noticed my car was covered in pollen about a week ago, and I rinsed it down with a hose thinking it got that color because all the pollen was building up over the course of a few weeks... So I washed it, and LITERALLY the next day it was covered again, so this time I went HARD on my car wash, soap, water, sponge, the whole 9 yards thinking that'll keep it away.

NOPE... and a few hours later I saw my neighbor with the same problem, he said jokingly he could barely recognize the color of his car.

So why is this year so much different than years past? Weather. Shocker.

Apparently, this year it's so much warmer than normal, along with higher carbon dioxide production, that everywhere (yeah... globally) is getting more pollen than normal.

Lastly, and potentially worst, if you have allergies... GOOD LUCK because this could be the worst allergy season, EVER!

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