Has the universe ever spoken to you? Are you a believer in signs? I'm asking this morning because I think the universe may have been leaving me a message today. I just need a little help translating it.

When I walked out to my car early Thursday morning, I was surprised by the amount of snow that had fallen overnight. What really caught my eye, though, was the strange pattern that the snow created on the hood of my car (which had not yet been started).

To me, it almost looked like an alien from another planet was trying to communicate with me. Weird, I know, but give me a break, it was early.

When I got into the studio, I showed Maddie and Gazelle the pictured that I snapped before leaving my driveway.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

They disagreed about what the snow pattern looked like.

Maddie says that the image that first popped into her head was a Goomba from "Super Mario Brothers." Honestly, tell me that this doesn't resemble one of those mushrooms from the super-popular video game. Actually, this would make a lot of sense, given that today is Mario Day (Mar 10)? We celebrate Mario Day on March 10 because, abbreviated, it looks like Mario's name.

Gazelle, however, thought the snow pattern looked a lot like another iconic figure from another decade and another universe. Does this snow pattern not resemble Darth Vader? It's Vader's masked head!

It's a toss-up in my mind. Let us know what you think. Jump on the Fun 107 app and tell us what you see in this real-life Rorschach test.

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