It was a dream come true last night for 23-year-old Kimberly Abgrab from Westport as she got to meet the Jonas Brothers.

"It was all a blur, just going back there and everything, but they were so nice," she said.

Kimberly has been undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation since she found out in August that she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

If her voice sounded tired this morning as she talked to us on the radio, it was for good reason. She had made the trek up to Mass General again for another round of chemo yesterday and followed it up with the concert of her life. Not only did Kim get to sit in the Fun 107 seats, but she was also able to hang with the guys backstage before the show. It was an exhausting, but fun day.

When it was time for the backstage photo, Kim positioned herself in between Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas (her favorite JoBro) like a backstage pro.

"Look at you next to MY Nick," joked Christine Fox this morning.

The Rock and Fox Show found out about her story on Friday morning when her boyfriend contacted the show.

"She's had a very positive attitude through this awful experience so far," said Cody Knight, "But nothing brightens up her face quite like hearing some of her favorite music like the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, and Shawn Mendes."

Kim was scheduled to have gone to a few concerts over the past three months, but her plans abruptly changed when she was in need of daily treatments.

Last night's show was extra special because the American Music Awards aired two of their songs live from Boston on ABC.

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