Seven women have come forward saying they were victims of a flasher on Gooseberry Island.

Police are now releasing more details into the most recent flashing incident that took place on Gooseberry Island last Thursday and involved a teenage girl.

Police tell NBC 10 that the "male had not only exposed himself, but had masturbated in front of her."

The teen was able to grab a photo of the man and police have been circulating it online in hopes of catching this suspect.

Since the photo started circulating, six other women have come forward to say that they too were victims of the flasher.

All stories were similar and took place in the same spot on Gooseberry Island. One woman's story was reportedly from last summer, so there may be more victims of this man out there.

One victim says the flasher may have fled in a Mercedes.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Westport Police Department Detective Division at (508) 636-1124.

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