WESTPORT (WBSM) — Firefighters are reminding people of safety measures to take with dryers following a fire that broke out over the weekend in Westport.

According to the fire department, at approximately 6:30 pm. on Sunday, June 16, firefighters responded to an activation alarm at the Bayside restaurant on Horseneck Road.

Minutes later, the department received another call about a structural fire at Westport Dog on Main Road.

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Upon arrival, crews found smoke in the building, which they said had started from a dryer. Firefighters ensured the flames were out, checked for fire extension, and ventilated the smoke from the building.

While firefighters successfully put out the flames, the Westport Fire Department reiterated the importance of properly maintaining dryers by removing lint and repairing any issues.

According to officials, U.S. fire departments were called to an estimated average of 15,970 home structure fires annually between 2010-2014, all of which were linked to clothes dryers or washing machines.

Westport Fire Department via Facebook
Westport Fire Department via Facebook

These fires caused annual averages of 13 civilian deaths, 444 civilian injuries, and $238 million in direct property damage.

The vast majority of fires (92 percent) involved clothes dryers.

Dust, fiber or lint, and clothing were the leading items first ignited in dryer fires.

Appliance items that are the first to ignite washing machine fires include wire or cable insulation, appliance housing or casing, and drive belts.

Be sure to properly clean and maintain your dryer. Remove the lint from the filter after each use and have the exhaust vent inspected and cleaned annually to reduce the risk of fire.

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