In a turn of events, the regularly scheduled Westport Fair in July was moved to October and a great time was had by all.

Sure, it wasn't as big as the fair normally is, but it wasn't planned to be as extravagant. The people of Westport begged for the fair to return and the fair committee delivered. The carnival rides were among a few attractions missing, but again, that was all part of the plan.

The three-day event began on Friday, October 15 and ran until Sunday, October 17. The traditional Saturday night chicken dinner was a hit (per usual) and the screams from the home-built tractors rang out like a bell throughout the evening.

Courtesy Westport Fair Committee via Facebook

The barn was packed with local vendors selling homemade wooden flags, candles, jewelry, knitted necessities, and much more.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

To switch things up a bit, the Westport Fair Committee introduced a "Family Fun Day" that included tractor rides with a caboose convoy attached to a John Deer (led by Skip Potter), kid-friendly games such as musical hay bails, red light/green light, and potato sack racing (put on by yours truly), a corn hole tournament and even a karaoke DJ.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

As usual, Del's truck was on site, loaded baked potatoes and Portuguese dishes such as cacoila and bifana were hot and delicious. Honestly, does it get any better than fair food?

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Keep in mind, folks, that this was not a full-blown Westport Fair. This was more of a buffer to ease the anxious who have been waiting for the fair to return ever since the pandemic began.

For what it's worth, every volunteer involved put just as much effort to get this event up and running as they would for a regular fair with the full-on carnival. It takes a team to make sure every last minor detail is covered and looked over multiple times before putting it into full effect. It's a lot more work than you may realize and for that, I'm grateful to all involved.

Courtesy Westport Fair Committee via Facebook

Stay tuned for July 13-17 as the Westport Fair returns back to normal for 2022.

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