It seems to be widely known that there's a new joint in town; The Greasy Luck, to be exact. We met up with Greasy's Event Coordinator Courtney Miranda and got the skinny and what you'll need to know when they open on December 5th.

Where does the name Greasy Luck come from?  Greasy Luck is an old whaling term that basically means, "good luck on filling your ship full of whale".

What is the deal with the Vault? There are two vaults, one that has all of the liquor and open all the time, and one vault that is closed and can only be cracked open by VIP members- you have to earn your way in.

What about parking?! We will have valet parking every weekend and bank parking lots are all free at 5pm. Right now, because of the holidays, all metered parking spots are free for two hours- perfect for a lunch trip.

How many people does GL fit?  There are two sides; the bar side has the bar stools, high top tables and picnic tables for folks to sit at and the event side, if not being used for an event, can hold up to another 400 people. That's where the shuffle board, giant connect-four and corn-hole games are. it has a second bar for people to sit, lounge furniture and plenty of space for big groups. As long as there is not a special event going on, anyone can use it.

What can we expect from GL in 2017?  With the size of the event space, we plan on doing a lot of ticketed events like concerts, comedy shows and food and beer pairings. We don't want to give away too much details just yet. People need to see it to understand how much is possible.

Lastly, if you had to eat one item off the menu for the rest of your life, what would it be? The poutine!  It's French fries, gravy, and cheese. Everyone should come here, drink beer and eat poutine.

Even though they are not officially open, the Greasy Luck has a ton of bookings for December already. For inquiries about hosting your private or corporate event, contact Courtney Miranda at

Greasy Luck to you, Greasy Luck staff!

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