I came across a very funny article in Buzzfeed over the weekend that I thought would be fun to bring to the Rock and Fox audience this morning. The topic was weird things that your family did while you were growing up that you thought were totally normal. You didn't disappoint. Some of your responses were hilarious.

Lorrie from New Bedford sent us this message on the Fun 107 app:

"When eating dinner at the table my sisters and I would open our mouths and show each other our chewed up food. If an adult caught you doing it...you'd lose."

Also on the Fun 107 app: Fun107mom.com wrote, "When I was growing up my mom would feed us mayonnaise and sugar sandwiches for snacks. I still eat them to this day. My kids look at me like I’m weird, but they have yet to try it!"

One woman called into the show and told us that her family would keep the butter out on the counter. She never thought it was weird until her husband and his family insisted that butter should go into the refrigerator. To be fair, I backed this caller up on this. In both my childhood family and current family, we always keep sticks of butter in the fridge (mainly for cooking recipes), but also room temperature butter that can be easily spread on bread, toast, bagels, etc.

You can listen to a few of the other calls we got this morning right here.

Can you think of a weird thing your family did that you thought was normal?

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