Saturday night, October 27, could be the Big Game! The fourth game of the World Series. I'm ecstatic to see the Red Sox possibly winning a fourth World Series in my lifetime that night. If i'm able to see it, that is.

On the night of the game, I will be DJ-ing a wedding, so I sadly won't be able to watch the game--or, maybe I will. It's all depending on the bride.

That made me wonder how the bride and people attending would feel about this tricky situation. The bride, of course, didn't know when the date was picked that it could be the clinching game for the Red Sox in the World Series.

So as a bride, what do you do? There are really only two options. Do you embrace it and bring in a television for those guests who want to see the game, or run the risk that guests might sneak out of the function hall to the bar to watch the game, or perhaps even leave early, cutting your big day short to catch their big game?

I myself have been a guest at a wedding that was during Game 1 of the 2004 World Series against the Cardinals. The bride decided against the TV idea, and the whole time I was thinking, what is the earliest we can leave with out being rude?

I took to Abby for her opinion, and she was down for the TV idea. She wants everyone to have a good time. Of course, there would be people at the wedding who didn't care about the game that could party enough for the rest of us.

What's your opinion?


No matter what, some of the attention will be taken from the bride and groom, especially from those who love baseball. But as long as everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves, then I think it's a good choice to have the TV's.

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