Ask and you shall receive. To whom it may concern - and more specifically, to Perry's Last Stand in Wareham.

You had no idea what they were talking about when hoards of beach goers were telling you about "the blog on Fun 107" complaining about the complete lack of mobile ice cream heaven in the radio station plaza.  Yet, you followed their pointing fingers and pulled on into 22 Sconticut Neck, ringing your bell the entire way.

Sleigh bells, ice cream truck bells, there was no difference between the two. Our faces lit up and we all went running to your truck like kids in search of Santa.  The girl at the front desk intercom-ed the entire building to let us know you were outside and in the blink of an eye, we picked up our wallets, dropped our conference calls and out the door we went.   We even took a 3 song hiatus from on-air to ensure ample time spent at the ice cream menu board.


We got screwballs, chocolate eclairs, drumsticks and other frosty delights. It was AWESOME.

So thank you beach goers for letting Perry's Last Stand know that we were here and we were hungry. Thank you Perry for taking a chance on 22 Sconticut Neck Road and making our hot, hot day so coooool.


Shivery and Satisfied