I have noticed it everywhere I go, people are getting more and more forgetful, and it's not an age thing either.

It seems every public place I have gone, people are losing things. I went to the Dartmouth Mall a few weeks back and there was a hysterical woman who lost her wallet in one of the retail stores.

Then I was sitting outside at one of the amazing restaurants on the SouthCoast and a gentleman had lost his keys.

I'm guilty, too; I have left my mask at home, and my wallet. My theory is we have a few extra things to think about when we are going out now, masks being one of them but also remembering to keep our distance from other people. It's not human nature to do either.

It can't just be me that is finding myself and those around me to be more forgetful than ever before. Maybe we are out of practice when it comes to getting of the house? I'm starting to get in the habit of doing the double-check before I leave the house.

I would love to hear some "forgetful" stories that you have had in the last six months, maybe even a forgetful moment you have witnessed. I feel like this pandemic has put so much on our mind that our brains are full and forgetting things is commonplace everywhere you go.

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