Today is Emeril's birthday. The Fall River native turns 59 today. In honor of the celebrity chef's birthday, we have decided to share one of our favorite videos of Emeril returning home to Fall River to visit some of his favorite spots to eat.

Included in his stops was the famous Carreiros Barcelos Bakery. Emeril gives us a tour of the bakery where it all started. This is the very bakery where Emeril learned how to make pastries. He claims he started working there when he was 10 years old - not for the money - but because of his passion for food that burned inside of him. Emeril says he'd work 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. at the bakery, go home, get changed and head off to school. He'd grab some sleep after school before heading back to the bakery at night. At that time, his dream job was to become a baker. Emeril never would have guessed he'd become one of the world's most famous modern-day chefs.

Emeril also highlighted Marzilli's grinders as one of his favorites. He remembered how great Marzilli's smelled with their fresh-baked bread and the deli meats. He says he'd grab a grinder after baseball practice with his teammates and coaches.

There are some awesome local Fall River references in this video with Emeril. You can tell how proud he is to be from Fall River.

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