If you're going to take a nap, why not do it right by a wildlife lovers trail camera?

That's exactly what happened in the Berkshires last week when the wildlife enthusiast known as CR Wildlife Cams on Facebook captured a beautiful bobcat just before she took a nap.

Seems the Berkshires are a fantastic place to set up a few secret cameras and capture the day to day life of the animals who may pass by.

CR Wildlife Cams has captured otters, beavers, herons and even black bears on camera before, not to mention the numerous bobcats clearly roaming the Western side of Massachusetts.

Among her most recent video was an adorable (and young looking) bobcat lounging by a fallen tree and ready to get her nap on. Although the light seems rather bright for napping, you can see the bobcat all spread out, rolling around a bit and letting out a massive yawn at the end of the video.

CR Wildlife Cams seems to know the sweet spots throughout the Berkshires for her cameras, and though she doesn't share exactly where they are, she does share lots of interesting videos of the animals that come by.

Recent captures include a very regal looking heron and a big, 'ol black bear using a tree as a backscratcher. It's such a classic bear move it definitely makes you smile to see it in real life.

You never know what this wildlife lover is going to capture next, but I know I can't wait to see it.

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