If you stalk social media like I do you saw lots of pool and beach photos and stories with the hash tag Hot Girl (or boy) Summer.  We have to admit it was the summer of just feeling ourselves and White Claws.

It was only a matter of time before this song got some attention. Megan Pete, or most know her for her stage name Megan Thee Stallion. She is an American rapper from Houston, Texas. She released her first full length earlier this year.
Megan also has this alter ego Tina Snow, or you can call her Hot Girl Meg. She doesn't like to label herself when it comes to her sexuality. As a matter of fact in a recent interview she said, "It's not just about being sexy, it's about being confident and me being confident in my sexuality."

Now I thought this song would be perfect for today's weather along the SouthCoast. The ironic part of this song is that Nicki Minaj is on it. Didn't she just retire?

Wait, you haven't heard this song yet? Here is the music video for it.

I had to blare it in the car to really enjoy it and their is no denying that Nicki Minaj verse is sick.
Now this isn't my flavor of music but I definitely find myself moving to it and it definitely brings some summer vibes back on this rainy say.
Now I need to know what you think. Is this song "wicked good" or totally "whack"?
Vote now and tell us if we should add this song to the Fun107 playlist.

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