Every once in a while, a story like this will pop up in the news, but it's not often we hear about something like this on the SouthCoast. It seems that a very honest person has found a stack of cash while shopping at a local store.

James Snyder says he was shopping when he spotted the cash laying on the floor. Snyder picked up the money, and is actively looking for the owner.

"If you or someone you know lost some cash and can tell me the name of the store (where they money was lost), how much (was lost), and what the denominations of the bills were," Snyder posted in a Wareham group on Facebook, he'd like to arrange to get the money back to you.

Snyder also found a shopping list with the money, so he'd like to know a couple of the items that were on the list.

"This is not a joke or some stupid prank," Snyder wrote. "I know some people are strapped for cash and live check to check."

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First off, what a great guy for making such an effort to return the money to the rightful owner. The truth of the matter is, Snyder could have easily slipped the money into his pocket and had that be the end of it.

Snyder wrote that if he is unable to find the person who lost the money he will donate the money to a local food bank or a homeless shelter.

"The amount would make a minimal affect on me, but every little bit helps a charity," he wrote.

If you feel like this could be your lost money, you can message James Snyder on Facebook. His profile lists him as a resident of Hyannis.

File under #OneInAMillion.

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