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We all recall the infamous "It's a baby whale bro!" video, featuring Bostonians and their confusion with a sunfish. Well, it's happening all over again in Wareham and people are calling the police line nonstop.

Just off the coast of Buzzards Bay, a sunfish was spotted and it caused quite the stir among the locals. Some say they saw an injured fish when all it was doing was normal sunfish stuff such as sunbathing. After all, it's what sunfish do.

Apparently, the Wareham Police Department received an abundance of calls with concerns about the oddly-shaped fish to the point where the Wareham Department of Natural Resources had to release a Facebook post to let people know that everything was OK:

At first glance, I can see why people might have been caught off guard, but to bombard the police over a floating fish is simply ludicrous. The calls began coming in on Monday morning and have been non-stop since.

Now, I don't know about you, but the only concern I can muster up here is the matter of shark bait. Great whites have been seen off the coast of Massachusetts, sharks that would do anything to get a nice easy meal such as a sunfish. If anything, instead of calling the police, simply stay clear of the water to avoid becoming a snack yourself.

I suppose that famous line "We are witnessing some s--- we ain't never seen before, kid" is really hitting him on this story. As long as it's not a "baby wheel," I think everything's going to be OK.

(This video is always good for a laugh, but as always, we need to warn you about the language in the video):

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