Wareham is a great place to live and, if you really want to isolate yourself away from people, this piece of land located right on the water, surrounded by trees, might be your perfect oasis.

The housing market has been nuts recently. Finding a true gem at the right price seems impossible. Yet, this piece of land in Wareham (listed for $599,000) seems like a great place to settle, especially if you want to be left alone.

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I had to know more about this unique find right here on the SouthCoast, 11 Murphy St. in Wareham. There had to be a reason this piece of land is for sale with no actual house on it.

What happened?

I called up Jan Bruno, the listing agent, for more info. Bruno works for Keller Williams Realty Signature Properties.

She said this .87-acre lot was once the site of several homes which were destroyed in flooding over the decades. The land has now been prepped with a new foundation and any house (or houses) built will need to be placed on stilts to avoid future flooding damage.

Bruno said waterfront property like this doesn't become available often. The listing promises "amazing views in every direction." Finding the right buyer can also be difficult since flood and home insurance can be expensive.

Clearly, that's not scaring the sellers of this land overlooking Buzzards Bay, who recently upped the selling price by $50,000.

While the price of this oasis isn't crazy high, considering its location, I have a feeling a buyer could double the mortgage with insurance alone.

Then again, maybe it's worth it to feel like you're away from the rest of the world.

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