As a self-proclaimed foodie, I get extremely excited about new restaurants that are reportedly coming to the area, and Wareham will soon be stepping up their Mexican food game. A proposed Chipotle Mexican Grille is coming to Tobey Road, but this Chipotle will operate a little differently than most.

Wicked Local reports that a proposal has been presented to the Wareham Planning Board, and that “Petitioner Retail Management is seeking some site modifications on a prior plan approval for the 37-seat restaurant that will share the building with a retailer that has not yet been determined.” This means Wareham residents may not have to take a 20-minute drive to North Dartmouth to get their burrito fix.

A typical Chipotle is a walk-in style restaurant where you order at the counter and enjoy your food inside or take your food home. The proposed Chipotle for Wareham, however, will take a different approach. There will be a pick-up window for call-in and online orders. On paper, it will be classified as a drive-thru, but it will not include any order board or speakers.

I can’t help but wonder if this will be confusing to patrons. What if cars pull up, expecting a chance to order?

If this were to occur, those patrons will be asked to order inside, then wait in their car for their order to be prepared.

The fate of this Chipotle has not been determined, but a Starbucks located on this site will be opening shortly, meaning two of my favorite places will be within walking distance of each other. I may be spending more of my time in Wareham in the near future.

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