A Wareham DoorDash driver took advantage of an unusual situation and turned it into an act of kindness this past Saturday night.

Victoria Vento moved to Wareham about a year ago, and started “dashing” around the same time. She has gained notoriety among DoorDash customers because of her constant co-pilots.

“I have three pitbulls: Roscoe, Cruella and Apollo,” she said, noting one of them is always with her when she’s dashing. “A lot of people know me from them.”

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Contributed Photo

Vento also owns Furever Friends Pet Sitting, so DoorDash is a way for her to make extra income at night.

This past Saturday night just after 6 p.m., someone ordered a dinner of steak tips and chicken tenders from the 99 Restaurant in Wareham, and Vento went to the restaurant and picked it up. However, on her way, the order was canceled, leaving her with no idea of what to do with the food.

She said it was the first time that had ever happened.

“I immediately contacted DoorDash support and was like, ‘What do I do with the food?’” Vento said. “They told me to dispose of it.”

“I was like, ‘Throw it away? Give it away?’ They said throwing it away, or giving it away was fine, and that I’d still be compensated for the delivery even though they canceled,” she said.

Vento took to the Wareham Matters Facebook group and posted that the meal was up for grabs.

“Anyone in need of a free meal? I’m a DoorDash driver and picked up two orders from 99 and then one canceled. Will deliver to Wareham,” she wrote. “Feel free to PM me.”

Vento said her inbox blew up with people requesting the free meal, which normally goes for about $27 through DoorDash.

“The first person to comment asked why I didn’t keep it,” she said, but Vento had already eaten dinner earlier. “One girl messaged me and said she didn’t need it but it was her birthday and would love to have it.”

Vento said she ended up bringing the meal to a woman in Onset who wanted to split it with her 80-year-old mother, even as she kept getting messages asking if it had been claimed.

“I felt so bad that I only had one,” she said. “I wish I had 100 more.”

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Many on Facebook praised Vento for her generosity. Alisha, the kitchen manager at the 99, even chimed in.

“This is amazing. I’m glad the food didn’t go to waste,” she said, noting that not being aware of a customer cancellation from DoorDash before making the order is a “blip” that needs to be worked out. “Thanks for spreading kindness and warm meals.”

Vento’s selflessness runs in the family.

“My father is the most generous person I’ll ever know. He’s constantly thinking of others,” she said. “If he sees anything decent on the side of the road he will take it home and wait to find someone that needs it. It drives me crazy sometimes because it’s like minor hoarding, but he lives for that kind of stuff.”

“He also bakes cookies in the winter and gives them away to people – his neighbors, nurses and doctors if he has an appointment, the dog groomer,” she said.

When it comes to generosity, like father, like daughter.

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