The Wareham Department of Natural Resources has released video of someone throwing their dog off the Stonebridge in Onset. 

First and most importantly, according to Wareham DNR, the dog is OKAY and they have identified the owner. In the unmanned surveillance video, you can clearly see a person pick their dog up and drop them off the side of the bridge then go in themselves. Wareham DNR is "reminding" people that not only do dogs not like to be thrown into the water off of a pretty high bridge, that they will also find you and charge you if you do it with your pet.

As someone who has three dogs, and is an animal lover in general, I cannot understand who in their right mind thinks, "Yeah! My dog will love bridge jumping! Let me throw him in!" My stomach and heart dropped watching this video and I have a string of not-very-nice things I would love to say to this owner. The fact that Wareham DNR even has to address people tossing their dogs off bridges is beyond me.

People..... Please!!!!! Don’t toss your dog off of Stonebridge in Onset!!! Dogs are not supposed to be tossed off of a bridge and no they don’t “like it.” WarehamDNR will be pursuing this issue as well as the bridge jumping offense of the human that tossed his dog off the bridge in excess of 12’ into the saltwater below. We are aware of who the owner is and the dog is ok. We will update further when we have completed our investigation.

We will update this post if we get any more information.





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