Jessica Anne of Wareham happened to stumble upon someone's teeth on a recent walk with her dogs and began a quest to find their rightful mouth.

Losing dentures is probably not the way someone wants to start a new year, but it happens. That's why it's good to have someone like Jessica on hand. Others might have walked away or covered the unnerving sight with leaves. Not her.

Jessica was taking in the unusually beautiful weather we had Sunday afternoon, first to the gate at the bogs off Tihonet Street with her two dogs.

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Jessica wasn't far from the entrance when she came upon the partial dentures. She immediately grabbed a bag from her car and scooped them up, then placed them atop the main gate in the hope that the owner would come back and see them.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. A full day later, on a return visit, Jessica noticed that the teeth had not been claimed. So, she decided to take it one step further. She wrote "FOUND" on a baggie and taped it to the gate. These weren't just any teeth. They were found teeth.

In a Facebook post on the Wareham Helping Wareham page, Jessica shared important details. "It’s the first gate to the bogs on Tihonet St, it’s after the cemetery. On the left. Has a sign that says Loxley Piece. It’s across from the dirt parking lot for the public garden."

Her hard work finally paid off Monday night when someone who saw her post said they thought they knew the person who lost the piece. Like that, the fake teeth ended up back where they belonged.

The power of the internet.

Phew. Starting the year off by doing some good will hopefully come back to Jessica and be a lesson to us all that helping people is the basis of human existence and doesn't take much.

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