After reading about the tangled and tattered flag on, Walmart in Fairhaven decided to donate a brand new flag for the PAACA community building in New Bedford.  Jamie Johnston is Walmart's Assistant Manager. She told us why she decided to have the store donate the new flag.

When you consider the sacrifice our veterans have made, donating a new flag is the least we could do. Walmart is a great American company, and we are proud to support great Americans any way that we can.

--Jamie Johnston, Walmart, Fairhaven



(left to right) Walmart's Jaime Johnston, PAACA's Tanisha Ferrer, PAACA's James Dean TSM

The timing could not have been more perfect. Now, the PAACA building on the corner of Coggeshall Street and Route 18 in New Bedford will be able to fly the Red, White and Blue with pride this Memorial Day weekend.

Thank you, Walmart!

God bless America's veterans.