If you are a Verizon Fios customer who enjoys watching Fox 25 in Boston, a problem may be looming.

Verizon has announced that its contract with Cox Media Group, the company that owns Fox 25, is set to expire.

Fox 25 is contracted to provide programming content to Verizon Fios customers until Dec. 15, 2022.  After Dec. 15, however, WFXT in Boston and Rhode Island would no longer be available to Verizon Fios customers.

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At issue is how much money Verizon Fios is willing pay to Cox for the distribution of its television programming.

"Cox Media Group has proposed charging significantly more for its programming," Verizon said in a statement to customers. "Verizon remains committed to making these channels available to our customers, but simply cannot agree to such unreasonable increases."

There was no mention of how much money is at stake, how much of the additional costs would be passed along to the consumers, or how much it would affect the average Verizon Fios bill on the SouthCoast.

The stalemate also affects Verizon Fios customers in Pittsburgh where two channels are in danger of disappearing: the NBC affiliate and the city's cable news channel.

If Fox 25 is dropped from the list of available channels for Verizon Fios customers, the impact will be nearly immediate. A Patriots game is scheduled to air on Sunday, Dec. 18.  The Patriots are scheduled to play the Raiders in Las Vegas.

This TV issue might send Pats fans scrambling for a place they can view the game.

That said, the game will be carried on WBSM at 1420 AM and 99.5 FM.

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