Eclipses generally bring major endings and new beginnings. So while February is a shorter month, strap yourself in because it’s going to feel like a lifetime with all of your newfound changes. Each sign will feel these eclipses differently, depending upon the sector of your chart that is affected, and right between the two eclipses is Valentine’s Day. So, here’s what you can expect and what you can to do to celebrate in the midst of such an insane month, based on your zodiac sign and this awesome article we found on Elite Daily.


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    "Aries, if you’ve been trying to play it cool lately, the lunar eclipse in Leo on the 10th will put an end to that. You’re about to reach a climax that will change the ways in which you choose to have fun, the kinds of people you date and the creative projects you choose to pursue. If you have plans set for Valentine’s Day now, you can expect those to change."

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    "The eclipses this month will force you to face facts about your home life and your close friendships that you might have been avoiding, but the first eclipse in Leo will affect the sector of your chart that rules home and family. Because Leo is a dramatic sign, problems or tensions may reach a boiling point around a family member or roommate, and it could result in some sort of move."

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    "Lucky for you, Gemini, on the same day as the dramatic Leo eclipse, you’ll have a Mercury-Venus sextile (a very supportive aspect) affecting your chart. What this means is, while you may have been avoiding a conversation, when things reach a boiling point on February 10, you’ll have the stars on your side. This will color your life and your Valentine’s Day with a wonderful feeling of social support."

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    "The lunar eclipse in Leo will certainly tire you out physically and emotionally, so if you feel better curling up on the couch for Valentine’s Day this year, follow your intuition and take care of yourself! It’s OK to rest, and you might feel better saving some money, since the eclipse is likely to expose the truth about a financial situation that changes your long-term plans."

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    "The sun connects with Saturn, the taskmaster planet, on Valentine’s Day. This means you’ll be faced with the task of communicating the serious personal changes that you’ll undergo as a result of the eclipse in your sign on the 10th. Eclipses bring change, and being that this one is in your sign, you are going to be the one changing. So, get ready to learn some new things about yourself, and maybe plan on taking your new self out for Valentine’s Day this year."

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    "You’ve really lucked out, Virgo, as this eclipse won’t be causing too much craziness this month in your zodiac sign. That’s because your ruling planet Mercury will be connecting with Venus to paint the day in a more peaceful light. Like a true Virgo, you’ll probably spend the day organizing your life, settling your mind and calming you down through an otherwise tense day. The key is to remember to communicate with your loved one, date or partner to make sure they are feeling as calm as you are. And if they decide to cancel on V-Day plans, be understanding."

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    "Libra, like so many others, you’re likely to go through a lot of changes this month during the eclipse on the 10th, and yours will come in the form of a close friend group. Following the eclipse, you may have learned whom you are willing to share personal information with and whom you aren’t. Don’t expect something horrible to occur. Remember, you are the creator of your own life, but think of this eclipse as nature’s way of bringing to light toxic people you’ll want to let go of. Your mind may not be focused on romance this Valentine’s Day, but you’ll benefit by using the holiday to put some love into a creative project."

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    "The lunar eclipse in Leo on the 10th is going to bring some secret information to light regarding a work or career situation. Your reputation at work may change, for better or for worse. You’ll probably come across some information that will change the direction you’d like to take at work, and it’s bound to be an exciting and new change, even if it’s somewhat scary. With all this going on, Valentine’s Day will feel like an afterthought, but it might be nice to take a minute just to go out for a nice dinner, even if it’s by yourself, to chill."

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    "Be prepared for this eclipse to make you feel like a brand new person on February 10. It will prompt you to either re-examine your beliefs or to double down on your own. But either way, those beliefs and opinions may get you into quite the overblown argument on the 10th with someone who disagrees with you. In such a tense political climate, this blowout may be the thing to end this relationship and to remove this person from your life. That said, it’s a month when learning and travel are well aspected in your chart. By using that to your advantage on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be sure to enjoy the celebration with a cooking class or a romantic wine and cheese tasting class."

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    "The eclipse on the 10th will affect the sector of your chart ruling sex, death and taxes. What this means is, something in those three areas will completely change your life. Either you’ll have mind-numbingly, earth-shattering sex, or you may have to let a loved one go. Your day may end with a large amount of money coming your way, or perhaps, you’ll find out that money you’d expected to come in isn’t going to."

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    "While the skies are set for a lovely, socially productive month, you are about to get hit with the eclipse in Leo in a major way. It looks as though you’re about to learn some things that will change the way you relate to the people you have partnered with, either in business or in love. Expect some shocking news and some unforeseen consequences, but fear not. There will most definitely be an opportunity to get real and face facts. Valentine’s Day is probably the last thing on your mind, but with such good social aspects between Mercury and Venus, it presents an opportunity for a down-to-earth and productive conversation that may restore some faith in both parties."

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    "The eclipse in Leo will affect the part of your chart that rules daily routine, health and habits. So if you’ve been avoiding taking care of yourself, going to the doctor, getting your workspace organized or filing paperwork, something will come up that will force you to get real about those things. That said, you have a very lucky aspect coming up on February 11, so get excited! The good news will carry you into Valentine’s Day and make you feel extra attractive. Plan a nice date for you and a friend or your loved one."

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