One morning I walked to my car and found a flat tire.  Like many newer cars, no spare.  Having to get into the studio, my first thought was to call a cab.

When I finally found the number to a local taxi company, they told me the car would arrive in 30 to 45 minutes.  I thought "That's the best you can do?"  So then I asked what the fare would be from my house to the workplace.  The answer, about $40 dollars depending on traffic.

Then, I remembered that Uber is now up and running in my area.  I downloaded the app and entered my information.  That process took about 5 minutes.  I then requested a ride.  The driver replied within seconds and indicated that he was about 6 minutes away.  I cancelled the taxi, and tracked the Uber car on the screen until it arrived.  It was a clean, late model Nissan Altima.  I climbed in the backseat and was at work 15 minutes later.  That's at least 30 minutes earlier than it would have been with the cab.  The charge?  $16.  That's $24 less than the taxi would have charged.

When you go out to dinner or to any function where there may be cocktails involved, use Uber.  A dependable ride with no risk.  Uber and the other ride sharing service, Lyft are available on the Southcoast.  I'm sure you will use them again and again.


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