This past summer, a seagull came to rest on the intersection of Elm Street and Rt. 18 and it ruffled the feathers of quite a few.

Formally named Seagull Cinderella by it's creator, Donna Dodson, the bird's perky presence was meant to be a celebration of the common seabird. However, there was so much dislike for it, someone started a petition to have it removed- a petition that was supported by a few hundred other people.

The statue of "Seagull Cinderella" by Donna Dodson of Boston is ridiculous and makes our city look like a joke. With New Bedford's rich history, we do not want visitors' lasting impressions to be [this]. What a waste. It needs to go. Remove it, or replace it with something beautiful.

The petition did not succeed in having her removed but rather, made New Bedford a point of conversation world-wide with more than 40 articles written- from Boston to Minnesota to Turkey and beyond!  The artists involved with the statue countered the petition with sticker campaign and even had a pop up art show at Gallery X with even more inspired seagull art to raise money for local breast cancer care.

At the end of it all, Seagull Cinderella went back home to Maynard for the winter and a donation was made  to the Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care. Who can be mad about that?

seagull stickers

So thanks, Seagull Cinderella Petitioners. You made New Bedford about Seagulls instead of Whales for a change AND you helped raise money for a good cause.


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