In the blink of an eye the driveway is dry, who is this mysterious man making our lives easier?

The winter months can feel dreary for most of us on the Southcoast. Days are getting shorter and cabin fever is starting to take it's toll. Every snowfall it seems less and less appealing to get up early to shovel your driveway before work. There is, however, one person who always seem to jump for joy every time they turn on the weather forecast. Our Unsung Hero is the Neighborhood Dude with a New Snowblower

We all know who this is in our neighborhood. The dad who's family didn't know what to get his for the holidays so they all chipped in and got a snowblower. The pure sense of joy when he fires that puppy up for the first time is enough fuel for him to get through the winter. Every time there's a snowstorm he will be up before the sun cleaning all the driveways in the neighbor. No one asked him to do it, but there's doubt that anyone will stop him.

So to the Neighborhood Dude, thanks homie. The kids may hate you for getting them to school on time, but we sure don't. Next time we owe you some coffee, or maybe just a hug.

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