Two year-old Gabriella Gilliam was rushed to the hospital a few days ago after dining with her parents at Texas Roadhouse. They were celebrating Derek Gilliam's 25th birthday, but things went south after Gabriella sipped her cranberry juice.

Gabriella knew it tasted funny, but her parents tried it and realized something was off. That's because the cup was not filled with cranberry juice, but sangria instead. “She was staggering and she was kissing everything,” Tiffany Gilliam said. After rushing to the hospital, doctors diagnosed her with "accidental alcohol ingestion."

The family says she is fine now, but mom and dad suffered a couple stressful, sleep-deprived nights.

“I had to rub her belly the whole night and she slept with us because I was scared that she might not wake up,” her mother Tiffany Gilliam told Asheville’s ABC affiliate WLOS. “That she’d choke on her throw up and not wake up. It was the most horrible feeling ever.”

I am very confused as to how this whole event transpired. I mean, how does a server mix up alcohol for a small child's beverage? Aren't there kiddie cups for a reason? I'm happy Gabriella's health has not been severely affected by this incident. Best wishes to the family.

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