According to a recent press release, the Buttonwood Park Zoo welcomed two endangered species of birds to their facility in April.

“The Buttonwood Park Zoo, a regional leader in wildlife conservation, oversaw the birth of two endangered bird species last month. Two Cabot’s tragopans, a horned pheasant species listed as vulnerable, and five scaly-sided mergansers, an endangered diving duck species, hatched under the watchful eye of animal care staff.”

Buttonwood Park Zoo

The zoo has been holding Virtual Keeper Chats on Facebook every day at 11 am and some of these little ones may be introduced to zoo members and SouthCoast residents through the Facebook series this Thursday, May 7. The live videos are posted to the BPZoo's YouTube channel later on.

“This is the second year in a row that the BPZOO has been successful in contributing to important national zoological breeding programs for the Cabot’s tragopan and the scaly-sided merganser,” said Buttonwood Park Zoo Director, Keith Lovett. “These species of conservation concern are at risk of becoming extinct in the wild and the Zoo is dedicated to conserving both of these amazing birds.”

Buttonwood Park Zoo

BPZoo is part of the “Species Survival Plan (SSP) programs of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), cooperatively managing the survival of individual species to ensure a healthy and genetically diverse population while enhancing the conservation of these species in the wild.”

“Zoological breeding programs help to ensure a future for species like the Cabot’s tragopan and scaly-sided mergansers by establishing assurance populations that can serve as a safeguard against extinction in the wild.,” said Lovett. “Additionally, species at accredited zoological institutions often serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts allowing zoos the opportunity to educate guests about these animals while also encouraging them to support the conservation of wildlife locally and globally.”

The Buttonwood Park Zoo is currently closed to the public but is working hard to ensure we stay connected to the community through virtual programming. Please click HERE for more information about Buttonwood Park Zoo.

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