Every year, aside from patroling the space around North America and Canada, NORAD deploys its satellites, cameras, and latest technology to look for one very important man: Santa.

This past weekend, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) launched its brand new Santa Tracker and website. Now you can track the Big Guy on Christmas Eve, explore Santa's Village in the North Pole, play games, watch movies, and watch the real-time countdownt to Santa's Christmas Eve flight.


2018 marks the 63rd year that NORAD uses their technology to connect people with Santa. You can also now keep up with them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube year-round (because they do much more than just keep tabs on St. Nick!)

This year, just about 1,500 people will be volunteering their time at the NORAD base in Colorado to man the phones and monitor the skies for Santa.

You can text 1-877-HiNORAD for Santa's exact location starting on December 24.

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