A mistake on the Toys 'R' Us website allowed customers to get some amazing savings...that clearly were too good to be true.

Toys 'R' Us cancelled tons of orders after a coupon glitch allowed shoppers to add savings on top of savings and get nearly 60% off their order.

Toys R Us twitter

You'd think the company might just fix the mistake and allow the orders that had been placed to remain, but I guess after filing for bankruptcy in September they would rather have some upset customers rather than the deep discounts on so many sales.

And the internet sharing of their glitch probably didn't help matters either.


Whatever their reasoning, Toys 'R' Us put the kibosh on any orders that used more than one promo code.

So if you've had an order cancelled from Toys 'R' Us in the last 24 hours or so, that could be why. And you're not the only one who isn't happy...