Town officials in Dartmouth will be rolling around in style.

According to The Boston Globe, town officials heard pitches in July from three local car dealerships on deals for electric cars. They determined that the 2014 BMW i3 would work best based on the cost and the type of car for the environment.

The electric cars, which sell for about $39,435, are leased by the town. Only two companies offered to lease cars to the town and they were BMW and Nissan.

David Cressman, town administrator for Dartmouth, decided to go electric when looking into replacing the towns outdated vehicles.

In the past few days, three BMW’s have arrived in the town. Two of those were given to the Department of Public Works, and one was given to the Conservation Commission. Also, Cressman stated that there will be three more additional cars to be used by the police, Building Department, and Council on Aging. Those cars will arrive by the end of August.

Dartmouth is not the only town to take part in the state’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, which will provide the town with a grant for the electric cars and the three charging stations that will be built at the town hall, water department, and the public works administration building.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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