Tom Brady stepped out at the Kentucky Derby this weekend rocking a new hairdo and depending on whose picture you see of the cut and color, you may or may not like what you see.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Honestly, he's Tom Brady...his hair isn't the first feature I'm looking at. But he is the kind of guy who's not afraid to experiment with his hair and has tried several different looks over the years. From long enough to put in a pony tail to completely buzzed, he's done it all and looked good doing it.

But the experimentation isn't over yet. This past weekend, Tom enjoyed the Kentucky Derby with many fellow NFL players, including Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. One fan snapped a photo of the pair and I thought Tom looked very nicely put together in this one.

But then People magazine laid a photo of Tom with wife Gisele at a birthday party in New York on me and the haircut looked completely different.

It's clearly much shorter, been dyed or highlighted blonde and has a bit of a faux hawk thing going on.

Again he's Tom Brady, he pull off any look he wants in my humble opinion...but what do you think of the new do?