Tom Brady cut things short during a weekly interview because of show co-host's comments about his daughter.

If I thought I couldn't like Tom Brady more, I was wrong.

This morning during his weekly interview with WEEI, Brady left the show early in defense of his daughter after learning one of the jocks called her an "annoying little pissant." (awesome dad move!)

Why co-host Alex Reimer chose to personally attack a five-year-old, on the radio no less, is beyond me. But he did during a conversation about the Facebook documentary "Tom Vs Time."

While discussing the series' first episode, Reimer made his thoughts on Brady's daughter be known to the station's listening audience...a low class move if you ask me.

His comments got back to Tom and during Brady's regularly scheduled appearance on the station this morning (Monday, Jan. 29), Tom commented that:

It was very disappointing to hear that, my daughter or any child certainly does not deserve that.

He also told the station he wasn't sure if he could continue with them.

While the station says Reimer has been placed on "indefinite suspension" since the comment on Thursday, many people are calling for his outright firing.

To me, Brady is completely in the right here and I hope he doesn't return to the airwaves with this station any longer. Why someone would think these comments about ANY child would be okay on the air is beyond me...and to do it to a man you know comes on your station every week? Just. Plain. Stupid.

What he may or may not think of Tom's daughter is his own opinion. Taking it to the airwaves is just rude and uncalled for.

Even if their parent is in the public eye, it doesn't mean you can rake their child over the coals too. Many people in the media need to learn this lesson in my humble opinion.

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