A can't miss interview with Tom Brady aired on CBS this weekend. It gives some light hearted insight into one of New England's most popular men. It was an interesting look at Tom Brady in his home and at his workout facility at Gillette Stadium. My three favorite topics from the interview are listed below.

  • If you've ever wondered what a typical evening at the 14,000 square foot Brady/Bundchen home in Brookline in like...you'll want to see this video from CBS Sunday Morning. Brady's description is remarkably ordinary. Homework with the kids followed by an 8:30 bedtime for the kids and a 9 o'clock bedtime for Tom and Giselle.
  • Will he retire at the end of this season? Brady gives a firm, "No." Tom also told Norah O'Donnell that he feels quicker than he did when he was 18 years old. Does he drink coffee? Eat sugar or salt? Dairy? He describes his perfect breakfast as a calorie dense, nutrient dense smoothie...and admits his weakness is really good ice cream (we've got to introduce him to Acushnet Creamery)!
  • Brady has said that playing NFL football is like getting in a car crash every Sunday, but Brady says he doesn't really worry about getting a concussion. Instead, he says he just tries to prepare his body the best he can for the bruising competition.

Brady looks as if he has absolutely no plans to hang up his cleats.  He has somehow found the fountain of youth.  No telling how long the fountain will flow, however.

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