Since the end of last season and the big Patriots Super Bowl win, they've been keeping a pretty low profile, but Gisele and Tom are vacationing on a beach somewhere far away–and the PDAs are off the hook.

One of Gisele's latest Instagram posts was of her and her daughter Viv learning to play the guitar while on vacation. 🎸🎼

And here's a picture that Gisele must have taken of Tom and the kids riding horses on the beach on his Instagram from earlier today:




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Young Guns


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What do I love about these two? It really feels like they have the highest level of respect for one another and are both always trying to out-do the other with affection.

When most of what I see on social media is couples (celebrities or not) at odds with each other, it's refreshing to see Tom and Gisele so happy. Here they are, very much in love and all over each other on the beach in Costa Rica.💋

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