Employees of a popular breakfast spot in Plymouth County got the Christmas present of a lifetime thanks to the generosity of their boss, Jessica Travis.

To show appreciation to her staff at Toast, Travis is bringing the entire crew to Disney World.

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Jessica’s Story

“I’ve been in this industry forever. It’s the only thing I know how to do,” said Travis, who has owned Toast in Hull for three years.

Back in 2019, Travis was a single mother working three different jobs, and she decided to take a risk and bet on herself.

Fate was definitely at work.

“When my son was little, he used to go around drawing pieces of toast,” Travis laughed. “He would say the word ‘toast’ all the time and I was buying him toast everything. When I pulled up to the building three years ago with my realtor and saw the name of the establishment, I knew I had to buy it.”

Travis inherited many of the employees from the previous owner, but when the pandemic hit, they were all gone, and she was left with one server and one cook.

“Our takeout started to take off, so I hired a bunch of new people, and they stuck with me through it all,” Travis said.

Travis Decides on a Grand Gesture

Travis will never forget how her new employees stepped up to the plate and stuck by her in the early stages of her new business.

Now that the business is on the other side of that bumpy road, Travis didn’t hesitate to go all out for this year’s holiday party.

“I lost my mother back in 2016 and she had left me a good amount of money,” Travis said. “I said to myself, ‘You know what? It’s time to use it,' and I felt like my mom would be happy I did this.”

Next Stop: Disney

During the restaurant’s Christmas party, the employees unwrapped Mickey and Minnie mouse ears paired with red shades, and needless to say, they were confused.

“They were so confused,” Travis said. “I dropped a puzzle in the middle of the table and had them solve it. When they got it done, it said, ‘Surprise! We’re Going to Disney World.’ Then the cheering began."

Travis and her 13 employees will take the trip this May for some much-needed relaxation after a long three years.

“We are family,” said Travis. “They saved me in a way, they kept me alive, and I just love them. I just wanted to do something special.”

From employees to friends, to family, this crew deserves some R&R courtesy of Walt Disney.

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