A Tiverton woman is heartbroken and begging for the return of a stolen SD card containing irreplaceable photos and memories of her late son.

Monica Beth Velozo was at Colt State Park in Bristol on June 28 celebrating the life of a close friend. She brought her camera to take photos, but set it down on a chair for a bit to enjoy time with friends, not thinking that would be the last time she would see it. Velozo said it's possible her camera was stolen during some break-ins that happened soon after near her home, but she truly believes it was taken around Colt State Park. However, it's not the camera Velozo is worried about.

"Everyone KNOWS I'm a picture w----," Velozo wrote in a post Wednesday afternoon. "I have my camera or phone out every chance I can to capture the moment, the memory. I know what it feels like to ONLY have that left."

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Velozo lost her 11-year-old son, Shawny, last December after just under a one-year fight. Shawny was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain tumor in December of 2019, but his mom said he remained in good spirits throughout his entire fight.

"All he wanted to do was 'go on adventures' with his family and friends," Velozo said. "We spent every day making the best of it with him."

Courtesy of Monica Beth Velozo

They traveled to Philadelphia, they went camping, and Shawny got to meet his baby brother. Velozo captured all of it on her camera, which is now gone, along with the memory card holding all of these precious moments.

"Those pictures mean so much to me," Velozo said. "I haven't been able to sleep. Just completely heartbroken this happened."

Courtesy of Monica Beth Velozo

After making a police report, calling Colt State Park and calling nearby pawn shops, Velozo took to Facebook Wednesday afternoon, writing that she didn't care about getting the camera back, and that she'd even help the person sell it if needed. She just needs her SD card, and the photos of her late son, back.

"The camera is replaceable," Velozo wrote. "I worked my ass off to get it [six] years ago and I will do the same to get a new one if needed. I am BEGGING for my SD card."

Courtesy of Monica Beth Velozo

Velozo said the camera is a Canon t3 with an old body and an attached extended lens with marks.

Hundreds of people (and counting) have shared Velozo's post on Facebook so far, hoping to help reunite her with her memory card. If you have any information or leads on where her camera or card may be, please contact Velozo through Facebook or by calling 774-315-8865.

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