What a nerve wracking decision it can be to trust someone else with the care of your munchkin(s) when you are off to work. For some of us, that decision is made a lot easier by the doting Vavo that has dedicated her days to spend with their grandchild.

Although Larry and I have been fortunate enough to have my parents care for our son while we toil away here at the radio station, we still decided to enroll our son in daycare. We felt that being an only child, his socializations skills and learning how to play with other children was an important part of his development. When we started looking at different locations, we really didn't know what questions to ask. So, we've connected with our friends at Little People's College and asked them, What should parents look for and what questions should they ask when selecting a child care facility?

Here are their recommendations:
1) Ask what the teacher to child ratio is
2) Find out what types of programs they have to foster your child's motor skills
3) What ages are grouped together
4) Is there an open door policy? Can you drop in to see your child at any time?
5) What types of learning activities do they have.

Little People's College is more than happy to answer any of these questions and more about their own programs. Click here to visit their web site.


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