Listen, I get it... making New Years resolutions are super fun, they get you excited for all the changes you can't wait to make in your life, and if you stick to them, it can spark other changes you want to make (now that you've done it once and proven to YOURSELF you can change... there are no limits!)

So, tips to keep those elusive resolutions!

1. Set Attainable Goals

If you set a goal that will take until next year to accomplish, it ain't happening. Set some goals that take 3 months max to attain, that way once you hit them, it'll inspire you to set and achieve more!

2. Set Mini Goals

Get creative! Use your phones notes section, or grab a pen and pad and start writing. Map out weekly or if you're really serious, even daily mini goals! Once again, keep them attainable! This strategy is so you can physically cross goals you set off a list every week or day, and gets you into that habit so that when you don't cross something off... you feel off. Imagine that... being so committed it feels off when you don't achieve.

3. Be Creative


Boring goals will do hard to stick too. If you want to get into working out, make it fun! Try doing a new workout every time you go to the gym, maybe take up yoga from time to time! Do some interval training some days, weights on others. Get the point?

Happy New Year! Set those resolutions and believe in yourself because if you don't know one else will!

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