Summer is just around the corner and that means its yard sale season- a time when everyone pauses to say, “Where the heck did all this stuff come from?”   It’s unclear where it came from or how it came to pile up so quickly but what is certain is what to do with it:  sell it.  Maybe a yard sale, maybe a garage sale or perhaps an “Awesome Stuff” sale. Whatever the case, put that pile of stuff to work for you!

1. Advertise It:  Get your message out in every way possible- including social media, craigslist, newspapers and the tried and true cardboard sign on the telephone pole.   Just remember that putting the actual date of your yard sale on your advertisements in crucial- you don’t want folks showing up to your house every Sunday looking for goods, do you?

2. Optimize Your Display:  You don’t go into the store and find night stands next to sporting goods or baby gear next to kitchen appliances.  Try to organize the items in a way that makes sense- much like a department store would.  Your baby stuff can go next to kid stuff and then can be followed by house stuff.  You have to make a good first impression so make sure your bargain hunters can see the goods right away and hopefully, you can hook-and-reel’em into your treasure hoard.

3. Be Ready to Accept All Types of Payments:  The worst thing about going to an awesome yard sale is when you find THE FIND of all times and don’t have the change to purchase it.  If you’re having a sale way out in the country and someone wants to buy your taxidermy rhino head plaque, you want to make sure you can accept whatever type of payment they have.  Be prepared to haggle, make counter offers and keep lots of change on hand if you need to break those big bills.

4. Have Fun
Sitting in your yard all day waiting for people to come buy your stuff can be a total snooze fest. Liven up the event be adding some music and making your yard sale inviting.   If you look like there’s a party going on people may be more inclined to stop and see what the fun is all about.   Make a day of it, fire up the barbeque and invite your friends over to keep you company and people watch.

If you've been thinking about having a yard sale but don't have a yard/garage/driveway to do the selling, come rent some yard from us at the Southcoast's Largest Yard Sale on Saturday, August 2nd!  And don't worry- we'll take care of all those yard sale signs for you.


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