Can you Smeeelalalalalallllll, what Va-VO...

The newest game show sensation swept the SouthCoast Friday morning, as "What Are We Smelling" debuted at Tia Maria's European Cafe in the beautiful district of Downtown New Bedford.

It's Restaurant Week here at Fun 107 and to finish with a bang, the Michael Rock Show broadcast LIVE from Tia Maria's with robust fashion and gusto. The food was so delicious, I decided to have a little fun and disobey the rules of every mother out there and "play" with the food that was provided to us.

Three separate cups contained three different Portuguese foods:

1.) St. George cheese

2.) Cacoila

3.) Morcilla (Portuguese Blood Pudding)

The goal is to use your senses and ultimately decide, using only your nose, what you're smelling.

We deciding to bring in a member of our audience (a customer of Tia Maria's) by the name of Jimmy to go head-to-head against Michael Rock and Abby. Admittedly, Jimmy is a proud Portuguese man who [SPOILER ALERT] clearly knows his Portuguese cuisine. The question is, however, how GOOD is Jimmy's nose?

Check out the video below!

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