If Hurricane Florence didn't seem terrifying to you before, this video from The Weather Channel may very well change your mind.

A new video from the Weather Channel breaking down just what the storm surge from Florence could look like is absolutely terrifying.

Florence is bringing with her storm surges that could potentially bring water levels of up to nine feet to many North Carolina neighborhoods...and that could clearly be devastating as this video shows.

Right around the :55 mark the crazy storm surge graphics kick in and my anxiety level goes through the roof.

Watching all that water rise above the meteorologist's head, the car start to float in the water and even the street sign get completely submerged...it's just plain frightening.

The idea that this is likely to happen and there are people who believe they can ride out this storm is just so scary.

I totally understand why the Weather Channel is showing this and urging residents to listen to officials when the say evacuate.

Sometimes you just need to really see what three feet, six feet, even nine feet of water really looks like so you know just what you're dealing with.

And I can honestly say, I wouldn't want to be dealing with it.

Best of luck to all in the path of Florence, she obviously means business.

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